Physical Donations

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Bib & Tucker Sew-Op is primarily funded through grants and donations, but we also take physical donations. Donations of fabric, sewing notions, other supplies, and equipment are used in our shop and also sold to raise funds to run our shop.

We believe in reducing landfill waste caused by fabric and strive to take in all usable fabric when we have space in the shop. While we try to take in all physical donations we have a small shop and space fills up quickly, if we are unable to accept your donation of items we are happy to share suggestions of other places that might be able to take donations.

Please read our physical donation guidelines and see our shop equipment wish list below.


What we can not accept

soiled and stained fabric

fabrics with strong odors

insect or pest damaged fabrics

What fabric we can accept

clean cotton fabrics

limited amounts of clean non-cotton fabrics


most hand & machine sewing notions

quilting and sewing books

sewing machines in working condition

We require an appointment for all physical donations and can not accept 'doorstep drop off donations.' For inquiries about making a physical donation of fabric or other items please reach out to Mary at


solid color quilting cotton

all purpose sewing thread