The March Quilts Year 2— Gender Wage Gap (2016)

Year 2: Gender Wage Gap

Thanks to the initial success of The March Quilts, Bib and Tucker Sew-Op decided to make it an annual project and chose the Gender Wage Gap as the theme for Year Two. Colors of the Suffragette Movement were used for this quilt: purple for the background pieces, and yellow and green to create the numbers 55, 64, and 79, which stand for the percentages of a white male’s dollar made by Latina women, Black women, and white women respectively (as of 2016).

Beyond the fight for equal pay, there are additional gender-related inequities that need to be addressed, such as access to healthcare. As before, sewing sessions were held across Birmingham, and the Birmingham Museum of Art and UAB’s Department of Art and Art History returned as sponsors of the project. The story of Lilly Ledbetter and her fight with Goodyear Tire was chosen as inspiration to spark the conversations at sewing sessions, since Ledbetter’s story began in Alabama and went all the way to the Supreme Court.

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