About Our Founders

Our Founders

Bib & Tucker Sew-Op was founded in 2010 by Ms. Annie Bryant and Lillis Taylor.

Bib & Tucker's name comes from British slang meaning “the finest clothes”, referencing women who would wear traditional blouses and skirts but embellish their bibs and aprons for style.

“We decided we wanted to start a group that would get together and sew, learn new skills, and do different programs for the benefit of the community,” said Bryant.

Bib & Tucker Sew-op is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to cultivating skills and community for those who sew or want to sew  where everyone can be a teacher and a student. We aim to promote empowerment, education, and economic opportunity through sewing.

The Story of KAYJU

Sew-Op co-founder, Ms. Annie Bryant is always thinking of ways to bring new ideas to quilting. For as long as she's been quilting, she hasn't seen an appliqué pattern of a little Black girl. Recently, she started dreaming about a little girl named KAYJU. She’s about 4 years old and though she is an American girl, she is fascinated with her African roots.

Now, you can make your very own KAYJU appliqué blocks with our KAYJU Digital Applique Pattern. Those blocks can be used to make pillows, baby quilts, wall hangings, or even full-sized bed quilts; the possibilities are endless!

We thank you for purchasing this kit; you are not only supporting Bib & Tucker Sew-Op programming, you’re also supporting a Birmingham entrepreneur! We hope you enjoy using this kit and hope you’ll share images of your work using the tag #sewopkayju.

You will receive your KAYJU Digital Pattern in a separate email following purchase. There may be a few minute delay.

Happy sewing!

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As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Bib & Tucker Sew-Op is funded through grants and donations.

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