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'Ms. Annie' Bryant

Co-founder, Consultant

​Ms. Annie has been an entrepreneur long before the word was cool. A dedicated citizen of Birmingham who never meets a stranger, Ms. Annie has always seen the value of creative pursuits for people of all ages.

Prior to focusing on the creation and maintenance of Bib & Tucker Sew-Op, Ms. Annie focused her time and talents on crocheting, ceramics, and her garden. Family and faith have also been focal points throughout her life. When she and fellow co-founder, Lillis Taylor, met in 2010, Ms. Annie was ready to put all of her energies behind the creation of a sewing cooperative where everyone could be a teacher and a student.

The Sew-Op Quilters, also known as the Tuesday Group, is Ms. Annie's primary program of interest, though she believes in teaching children to sew because of the math benefits, as well as economic opportunities to be found in endeavors such as altering clothes.

Lillis Taylor

Co-founder, Executive Director

Lillis Taylor poured over fashion magazines as a child; asking her mother for the September issue of BRIDE so that she could color in the wedding dresses with her markers. Lillis studied Industrial Design in Seattle and spent a short time designing toys that were manufactured in China.

Her short-lived career taught her that she wanted to be a social entrepreneur so as to marry her passion for community with that of product design and small-batch manufacturing at the local level. After returning to Birmingham in 2010 to start a textile and clothing business, Lillis met Ms. Annie and the two women built Bib & Tucker Sew-Op.

Since officially incorporating in 2014, Lillis has worked as executive director. Lillis is proud of the unique programming being offered by the Sew-Op, which is made possible by the diverse community of creatives who make up the Sew-Op membership.   |   @lillisew   |   @trelilli