The March Quilts Year 8 - A(MEND)

In 2022 we asked . . .

What does it mean to amend? Each of us has the ability to make small, intentional changes that can positively impact our communities and these changes begin with a single step, or stitch!

During Year 8 of The March Quilts, Bib & Tucker asked our communities to explore what A(MEND) means to them and how we can use art to advocate for the changes that we wish to see.

In 2022, in partnership with hosting organizations, the Sew-Op facilitated in-person sewing sessions throughout Alabama. During these sessions, the hosting sites first facilitated discussions about how we can mend and amend in order to see positive change in our communities. Participants then stitched blocks that illustrates their feelings on topics from these discussions.

Sewn together they are a visual representation of the concerns of the community: quilts that are a catalyst for change as well as a tool for activism and engagement.

TMQ 8 Past Participant

TMQ 8 Past Participant

The project was made possible from funding through our partners: